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Drip Tray for Free-Standing Soap Dispenser – Universal Janitorial Supply
Drip Tray for Free-Standing Soap Dispenser

Drip Tray for Free-Standing Soap Dispenser

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  • HEAVY DUTY- This premium quality drip tray is made to last you through years of use and stay in good condition. Made with strong ABS plastic its made for durability and long term use.
  • UNIVERSAL DRIP TRAY- One of the best parts of this heavy duty soap dispenser tray is that it works with almost all soap and hand sanitizers so you can use any soap you prefer for a perfect fit.
  • PROTECTS FLOORS- Let's face it the hardest part about a soap dispenser is the soap spilling on the floor and get the floor damaged. This universal drip tray is the ideal solution to that problem.
  • GREAT FOR HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS- With proper hygeine playing such a huge role in public areas its important to keep people safe and protected from germs and bacteria. This drip tray would work great in areas with high foot traffic becasue it will protect people from falls and other unfortunate accidents.
  • REDUCES CLEAN-UP- Why not save your time and effort and put it towards soemthing else. This universal drip tray will reduce your clean up by collecting all access making sure it never hits the floor so you don't have to constantly worry about cleaning the floors
  • Pack of 2