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Dispsoware 7oz Plastic Cup – Universal Janitorial Supply
Dispsoware 7oz Plastic Cup

Dispsoware 7oz Plastic Cup

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  • JUMBO PACK: Large package 12 bags of 100ct. (1200 total) will ensure these will last for a while
  • GREAT SIZE: 7 oz. capacity allows for kids and adult use, not to big yet small enough for portion control, and easy to grip, flexible and crack resistant made out of BPA-Free food grade plastic
  • EVERY DAY USE: Great for your daily beverage needs to save on washing glasses. Perfect for breakfast juice, and milk picnics, outings, parties, and soft and hard drinks at your family BBQ.
  • ALL COLD BEVERAGES: Suitable for all beverages, great for cold drinks with ice, lemonade, soda, cocktails, mixed drinks, juice and any other cold beverage imaginable