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Genpak Debossed Hinged Container-Cs – Universal Janitorial Supply
Genpak Debossed Hinged Container-Cs

Genpak Debossed Hinged Container-Cs

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These One-Piece Hinged Containers Are Ideal For Dry Foods And Deli Items. They Are Offered In A Variety Of Sizes Designed To Offer An Attractive Presentation For Your Edibles. Containers Feature A Smooth Crystal Clear Surface Allowing A Full View Of Your Items. Stackable Dome Lid Is Deep And Spacious To Accommodate Larger Sandwiches And Ornate Desserts. Secure Snap Locks Offer An Easy To Use Audible Snap Which Indicates Definite Closure. Made Of Usda Food Approved Pet Plastic. Pet (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Is A Strong, Lightweight, Shatter-Resistant Plastic. It Provides A Strong Barrier Against Water Vapor, Oils, Alcohols And Uv Rays. 

500 per Cs