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Scott® Pro Scottfold Towels-Cs – Universal Janitorial Supply
Scott® Pro Scottfold Towels-Cs

Scott® Pro Scottfold Towels-Cs

  • $69.00
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  • 4,375 paper towels per case; 175 towels per pack; 25 packs per case
  • Scott® Pro Scottfold paper towels feature a patented fold that eliminates tearing and tabbing, so your guests and employees will waste less; They unfold to a generous 9.2” x 12.4”
  • The white paper disposable hand towels feature exclusive Absorbency Pockets for better absorbency
  • Hygienic, touchless dispensing with most universal folded towel dispensers: only touch the drying towel you use
  • The Scott® Pro Brand guarantees these multifold paper towels will be cost-neutral (vs. C-fold towels)