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Big D Deo-Guard Urinal Mat – Universal Janitorial Supply
Big D Deo-Guard Urinal Mat

Big D Deo-Guard Urinal Mat

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Reduce slipping and tripping with BIG D� DEO-GARD DISPOSABLE MATS, while still making restroom maintenance easier and faster, and protecting from cross-contamination. Our innovative design and materials add many benefits to a product that has created excitement throughout the Jan/San market. Constructed with a heavier, high-friction, coefficient material, DEO-GARD DISPOSABLE MATS actually grip to clean, dry floors. No adhesive or velcro is needed because of the over-molding manufacturing technique. With its gripping action, absorbent core, lower profile and warp resistance, this revolutionary mat substantially reduces slipping. The hexagon design grid quickly directs liquids into the absorbent core and allows the end-user to effortlessly see when the mat is soiled and needs replacing. New polymers with increased flexibility conform easily to uneven floor surfaces and allow the soiled mat to easily be folded, rolled or even wadded up for effortless disposal. DEO-GARD DISPOSABLE MATS used under urinals will neutralize odors by catching and quickly absorbing unwanted splashes and drips, protecting the floor from stain, discoloration and uric acid damage with a moisture barrier backing. Cross-contamination is prevented by eliminating the tracking of urine from the restrooms to other parts of the building.

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