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16x19 Bar Towels – Universal Janitorial Supply
16x19 Bar Towels

16x19 Bar Towels

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  • Cotton
  • These Towels are 32oz (16"X19") Light weight Cotton Blend Economy Grade Commercial Terry Cloths
  • These Towels are made from super soft 84% cotton, 16% Polyester which improves softness. resulting in luxurious and durable towels that become softer over time. Available at a great low price!
  • Our Bar Mops towels are Soft, Brief, but also Elegant, They are easy for wash, and won’t be hardened!!
  • These light weight economy washcloths require less time needed in the dryer therefore saving time and costs, Durable and absorbent making it favorite for both commercial and home purpose. Durable, machine washable, tumble dry on low and can stand up to multiple wash cycles.